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Family and Systemic Constellations is a powerful therapeutic method that focuses on healing the emotional entanglements present in the family system. It is a tool of increasing awareness, it helps overcome limiting thoughts and self-sabotaging life patterns and its effects are felt on a body-mind-soul level.

We do inherit from our parents and grandparents physical traits, as the eye colour or body shape; but also they pass on the emotional family myth and a lot of unconscious lineage which unfortunately may present itself as anxiety, unhappiness, addiction, depression, physical or mental illness.

Even if we are not aware of it, looking deeper at our life choices may show resemblances with the past generations. The details may be different, but generally there is the same unfolding pattern - e.g.grandfather alcoholic, father workaholic, daughter drug addict - the addiction theme during three generations.

Working with Family and Systemic Constellation we have the opportunity to restore the balance within our family system, heal the past and offer a new heritage to future generations.

What happens during a family constellations session?

Constellations were originally designed to be done in a group, but they can be applied to individual sessions as well, using different tools for the participants.The facilitator, together with the client, will explore the issue as following. They will gather information about the participant’s family or other system, focusing on facts (tragedies, trauma, difficult destinies, and other events that marks the client or the client’s system).

The participant can then choose representatives for the people or parts in question, and place them in relationship to each other according to the inner picture. Invariably something amazing happens: the representatives will start feeling sensations and emotions related intimately to the true family members, that people oftentimes are shocked and relieved at the same time about the accuracy with which the family drama unfolds.

With more and more information unfolding, words and actions can be found (by the representatives and/or the facilitator) to free the entangled from misdirected love. And step by step, in finding the true and original order ("the order of love"), the members of the client’s system (representatives) can find the place where they truly belong. They can feel peace and acceptance, and so can the mind, heart, and soul of the client.

The workshop will be facilitated by Anna Laura Cannamela.

Anna Laura Cannamela Embergher was born in 1975 in Milan, where she obtained a university degree in philosophy; her final work was on trans-generational psychotherapies.

For 20 years she has studied ritual and symbolic languages. She has travelled extensively teaching ancient and contemporary Gnosis. Keeping a 360° open mind on meditation techniques, she has learnt new therapeutic registers directly from a variety of shaman masters. 

She also studied with scholars belonging to the Sufi Naqshbandi tradition. 

She then decided to specialize in Family Constellation (Hellinger method) in 2005.

More details about the facilitator here: www.labrys.it



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